Scout Hike – May 2018




This year 17 Scouts from Tambo, grouped into three Patrols, are attending the very popular annual Scout Hike with over a thousand other Scouts from NSW. Tambo’s Timewarp, Kool Kids, and Dr. Emmett Brown’s Patrols will be spending the weekend fully self-sufficient and self-directed, hiking the trails of Wingello State Forest completing as many Activity Bases within a prescribed time as possible. The weather is forecast to be clear and sunny with cool nights. It’s a lot of fun and builds leadership, navigation, hiking, cooking, and self-reliance skills in one well-run weekend. Here they are preparing to board the buses in Sydney and head to the forest. Good luck Tambo.


Postscript:  A big congratulations to Tambo Kool Kids: Robbie (PL), Adelaide (APL), Estelle, Xavier and Isaac for coming 12th overall and being awarded a Gold Medal.  The Timewarp and Dr. Emmett Brown patrols also had a successful weekend being awarded a Bronze Medal and with the experience gained, hopefully setting up Tambo for continued success next year.

Scout Hike – May 2013

IMG_2750The Annual 2013 Scout Hike at Wingello State Forest.  Patrols are fully self-reliant and self-directed and navigate themselves to as many Activity Bases as they can in a two-day period – staying overnight at different Sleep Bases, collecting points as they go.  This year Tambo had three patrols participating and the Tambo Flying Dutchmen Patrol placed 9th overall earning a Gold Level Award and the Tambo Troupers placed 13th earning a Silver Level Award.  Complete results can be found here.