Cox’s River Hike – Sept 2016

015b4dc4f73f49374ff17b3f4741363c9cb6df34efThe hike from the Explorers Tree near Katoomba down to Cox’s River in the Megalong Valley is approximately 15.5km and passes through the picturesque Nellie’s Glenn, along fire trails, past a campsite at Old Ford Crossing, through farmland and down through bushland to Cox’s River and a large campsite on the bank of the river.  The track crosses the river over a long swinging bridge high above the river. The route follows the Six Foot Track which extends on a further 30 km to the Jenolan Caves.  Tambo has put on this hike every couple of years in recent times.  It’s a good introductory hike offering alternative starting points and other options depending on the experience level of the Scout. Swimming in Cox’s River can be chilly but fun.  The walk back to Old Ford Crossing is about 7km uphill and can be tough going with a heavy pack in the heat of the morning.  It’s a very popular hike.

This year was no exception.  Eleven new and experienced Scouts with two accompanying Leaders set off from Explorers Tree early Saturday morning and made quick progress down to Old Ford Crossing where two parents and a two additional Scouts joined the group for lunch and the continuing hike down to Cox’s River.  The campsite, luckily, only had a few other hikers and campers staying overnight and the riverbank – usually very crowded – was completely deserted which is where we chose to setup our camp.

Darkness fell soon after we arrived which meant we had limited time for pitching tents and cooking dinner – but everyone managed to erect their tent and have a good meal ahead of a very surprising early bed…some very tired Scouts.

The weather had been threatening rain all day but it remained clear.  The night was chilly and we had very little dew which helped considerably with packing up the next morning.

After a leisurely breakfast, the group started the journey back.  We had a brief swim in the river (too cold for much more than that).  The steep walk back to Old Ford Crossing tested everyone and despite a ride being offered to some for the last little bit of the walk, which was politely declined, everyone completed the hike successfully.

In addition to introducing the newer Scouts to overnight hiking and generally having a good weekend, this year the hike also offered those Scouts who are participating in the forthcoming Tasmanian Cradle Mountain and Maria Island trip in January the opportunity to test their gear, and themselves.

Photo’s can be found here and a very short aerial video of the lunch stop at Old Ford Crossing can be found here.


Six Foot Track Hike / Old Ford Reserve Camp – Mar 2014

IMG_3282Our latest Group activity was a repeat of a similar popular  activity two years ago in which we combined a Cub Family Camp and a Scout Hike.

The Cub Camp was based at Old Ford Reserve in the Megalong Valley part way along the famous Six Foot Track.  Cub activities included the Six Foot Track Hike, making Sling Shots, Geocaching,  Damper Cooking, Camp Fire with Marshmallows, Bush Tucker Walk, Tree Identification / Animal Tracking, and Badge Work.  Link to Cub Photo Album here.

The Scout Hike commenced at the Explorers Tree outside Katoomba.  The Cubs joined them for the first section of the hike which passed by their Old Ford Reserve Campsite.   The Scouts hiked on a further 8km to Cox’s River, camping overnight before returning to Old Ford Reserve the next day for a late lunch with the Cubs.


The Scouts enjoyed swimming upon arrival and departure in Cox’s River.  Links to Scout Photo’s, Montage, Unlisted Youtube Video and GPS Track (open with Google Earth) here.  And more photo’s courtesy of Chris Grundy here.

Six Foot Track Hike / Old Ford Reserve Camp – Sep 2012

DSC_7470The Scouts and Cubs combined together to walk a section of the Six Foot Track, starting at the Explorers Tree near Katooomba.  The Scouts headed off at intervals in their patrols with maps, compasses and two-way radios for lunch at Old Ford Crossing – half way to Cox’s River.  The Cubs, Leaders and some Parents followed, having camped the prior night at Old Ford Reserve.  After lunch, the Scouts continued on to Cox’s River where they camped the night.  The Cubs stayed on at their camp for an afternoon of activities. The next day the Scouts returned to Old Ford Reserve for lunch with the Cubs. Cox’s River was a particularly welcome relief from the hot weather for the Scouts.