Tambo: A retrospective on the last two years – May 2020

Since 2018 Tambo has increasingly used private groups on Facebook to share pictures and stories of our activities.  Although this website is not updated as frequently as it used to be, Tambo is still extremely active.  We have grown from two to four Sections – adding Joeys (5-8 yrs) and Venturers (14-17 yrs) in recent years.  Unfortunately, all Sections currently have waiting lists.  However, we welcome the opportunity to speak to potential new members at any time to discuss openings and opportunities.  If you are interested in learning more about Tambo then please contact our Group Leader.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all Scouting in NSW has been conducted virtually which presented everyone with a considerable challenge in what is otherwise an in-person movement.  As Tambo looks ahead, we see an exciting future where we can once again offer a program rich in activities that contribute to the healthy development of young people.  This video was prepared to capture some of the highlights of the last two years for the Tambo Scout Section and to provide motivation and excitement for a return to scouting as it is normally conducted.

Easter Family Camp at Cataract – Mar 2018

IMG_1056Tambo held a Family Camp with Joeys, Cubs, and Scouts, together with siblings and parents at Cataract Scout Park over Easter this year.  Activities included: Abseiling, Flying Fox, Waterslide, Orienteering, Obstacle Course (Challenge Balley), Bicycle Riding, Easter Egg Hunt and Flour Bombs.  Together with fine weather, great food, and a large campfire each night, the fifty people who attended had a very enjoyable and memorable Easter.  Photos from the weekend can be found here.

Scout Hike Preparation Camp at Tambourine Bay – Apr 2017


The Perfect Cooking Fire

A short overnight camp at the Tambo Hall to help Patrols prepare for Scout Hike.  Lots of great learning:

  • Tent Pitching;
  • Cooking Dinner on a Fire;
  • Menu Planning;
  • Understanding Warm, Waterproof Light-weight Hiking Gear;
  • Navigation; and
  • Strategy.

So easy camping by the hall – camping gear all easily at hand, running water, and a toilet. Combine this with a movie and a night-hike.  Perfect glamping right on the harbour!

More pics here.