Trapeze School – Sep 2016

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A first for Tambo – a night at the Sydney Trapeze School.  A 2-hour flying trapeze class where the scouts practiced ‘flying tricks’ off the 8-meter high platform.  Several scouts demonstrated sufficient timing prowess to conclude with being caught by a ‘catcher’ mid-air.


Blue Gum Forest Hike – Apr 2016

IMG_0027 Blue Gum Forest is situated in the Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains National Park.  It is a stand of magnificent blue gum eucalypt trees.  There is a large camping area nearby at Acacia Flat. There are several tracks to chose from to reach the forest.  Tambo selected a difficult 25km route starting from Victoria Falls Lookout, descending into the Grose Valley, walking along the  Grose River to Blue Gum Forest and Acacia Flat and then exiting via Junction Rock, Govett Gorge, past Bridal Veil Falls and up to Govetts Leap Car Park.  The hike was specifically aimed to give the more experienced Tambo Scouts something more challenging than they had done previously with Tambo.  Kim’s photos can be found here and Ivan’s here.

Australian Jamboree – Jan 2016


Tambo’s AJ2016 Contingent (Lucien, Sam, Ben X, Rory, Luke, Nick, Issac, Anali, Luca, Jamie.  Absent Ben A, Liam)


Tambo Fundraising for Jamboree…Polling Day BBQ!

AJ2016 will be at Cataract Scout Park in NSW this year.  Tambo has a large group of twelve scouts going.  They will joining scouts from 1st Balmoral, 1st Mosman and 3rd Mosman Bay to form Jamboree Troop D615.

A photo album has been started and can be viewed here.  It will be updated in the lead up to, and during the Jamboree.

The Jamboree Troop’s video submission to the Opening Ceremony can be viewed here.

Scout Hike – May 2015

IMG_4256This year, three Patrols from Tambo are going to Scout Hike. Further reports as they come to hand will be posted here.  Photo’s from the Friday night departure from Meadowbank Park and others as they come to hand can be found here.

Saturday night update from Ivan: Choomahs (aka Tumors), Luke’s Patrol, had completed 15 Bases of 28; Tambogans (Ben’s Patrol) had completed 16; and Knights under Canvas (Ollie’s Patrol) had completed 8.  The weather was showery.  Tambogans and Knights Under Canvas were at Sleep Point 4 on Saturday night (where Ivan was staying).  The new tents were getting rave reviews.  Spirits were high.

Sunday night update:  A BIG congratulations to Choomahs who finished in the gold level (top 12).  203 Patrols are listed on the website so this is a great effort.  There appears to be an administrative issue with the registration for Tambogans which Steve is looking into. The Tambogans tell us that they completed 27 of the 28 Bases and had a score which would also put them in the gold level. Knights Under Canvas, from all reports, enjoyed the weekend in a relaxing fashion as they planned to.  Full results can be found here.

Annual Christmas Tree Sale – Dec 2014

North Shore Timess Christmas TreesThis year we moved our popular Christmas tree sale location from beside the Lane Cove Club on Birdwood Avenue to St Michael’s Catholic Primary School in Longueville Road.  The new location turned out to be a great success with improved visibility and easier access for would-be buyers.  Parents, Cubs and Scouts were rostered to sell the trees – and there’s not much more fun to be had selling than when it comes to selling a Christmas tree.  The move to a new location attracted a lot of interest and some media coverage.