Easter Family Camp at Cataract – Mar 2018

IMG_1056Tambo held a Family Camp with Joeys, Cubs, and Scouts, together with siblings and parents at Cataract Scout Park over Easter this year.  Activities included: Abseiling, Flying Fox, Waterslide, Orienteering, Obstacle Course (Challenge Balley), Bicycle Riding, Easter Egg Hunt and Flour Bombs.  Together with fine weather, great food, and a large campfire each night, the fifty people who attended had a very enjoyable and memorable Easter.  Photos from the weekend can be found here.

Cub Scout Leadership Course – May 2014

DSC_1483The Annual Moocooboola District Cub Scout Leadership Course where Cubs from across the District spend a weekend learning about what it means to be an effective Cub Scout Leader.  A cleverly constructed blend of theory, practical exercises and games in a fun-filled weekend at Windeyer.

Six Foot Track Hike / Old Ford Reserve Camp – Mar 2014

IMG_3282Our latest Group activity was a repeat of a similar popular  activity two years ago in which we combined a Cub Family Camp and a Scout Hike.

The Cub Camp was based at Old Ford Reserve in the Megalong Valley part way along the famous Six Foot Track.  Cub activities included the Six Foot Track Hike, making Sling Shots, Geocaching,  Damper Cooking, Camp Fire with Marshmallows, Bush Tucker Walk, Tree Identification / Animal Tracking, and Badge Work.  Link to Cub Photo Album here.

The Scout Hike commenced at the Explorers Tree outside Katoomba.  The Cubs joined them for the first section of the hike which passed by their Old Ford Reserve Campsite.   The Scouts hiked on a further 8km to Cox’s River, camping overnight before returning to Old Ford Reserve the next day for a late lunch with the Cubs.


The Scouts enjoyed swimming upon arrival and departure in Cox’s River.  Links to Scout Photo’s, Montage, Unlisted Youtube Video and GPS Track (open with Google Earth) here.  And more photo’s courtesy of Chris Grundy here.

NSW State Cuboree – Jan 2014


All photo’s – unsorted, unordered, unprocessed.

The 2014 “Once Upon a Time” Cuboree was a great success!

Tambo’s 11 Cub Scouts joined with Cubs from 1st Hunter’s Hill and 1st East Ryde to form Pack 706 – Gulliver’s Travellers.

Over 3,300 people gathered at Cataract Scout Park on January 6 expecting five days of fun and adventure – and that was exactly what they got.

Cub Scouts participated in a range of activities at the 6 themed bases across the site and learnt a number of new skills along the way.

Link to Cuboree-Look-Back

Link to Tambo Video and Photo Collage

Cuboree Shakedown Camp – Oct 2013

DSC_8045A weekend camp with Cubs from 1st East Ryde, 1st Hunters Hill and 1st Tambourine Bay, Leaders and Parent Helpers who will be attending the 5th NSW Cuboree in January 2014.  A weekend of activities designed to give everyone a chance to get to know one another and bed-down a few camp procedures and rules.